Blockchain Esports Platform Moxy (MOXY) Launches $100,000 Beta Challenge

Blockchain Esports Platform Moxy (MOXY) Launches 0,000 Beta Challenge

Vladislav Sopov

Open Beta Challenge eSports For ALL is set to introduce Moxy (MOXY) mechanics to the next generation of crypto gamers and Web3 enthusiasts

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  • Moxy (MOXY) launches open beta challenge with $100,000 prize pool
  • MOXY token generation event is in the cards

Moxy (MOXY), a new generation esports platform focused on Web3 games, announces a beta challenge for all customers. GameFi enthusiasts will be able to compete for cash bonuses, NFTs and native tokens.

Moxy (MOXY) launches open beta challenge with $100,000 prize pool

According to the official announcement shared by the Moxy (MOXY) team, their Open Beta Challenge “eSports For ALL” is starting. This community campaign is an important milestone for Moxy’s (MOXY) product development and use.

The program is set to stress test all components of the Moxy (MOXY) ecosystem with real-world specifications. It is necessary for the team to enjoy all potential vulnerabilities before the mainnet activation of the platform.

To motivate participants, the platform’s team is offering a prize pool containing $100,000 in cash rewards, MOXY native utility and governance tokens, as well as exclusive digital collectibles.

Players will compete against each other to score in-game points in four events (“Seasons”). Once the fourth season is over, Moxy (MOXY) representatives will award prizes in USD Coin (USDC), MOXY, as well as bonus NFTs.

The Moxy (MOXY) team is excited about the possibilities of this campaign and is confident of its utmost importance for the project’s testing and massive adoption:

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Moxy aims to elevate this fast-growing industry, which it says is still largely reserved for elite players who compete as part of professional teams at invitation-only events. The blockchain-powered platform makes eSports gaming accessible to everyday players, with real rewards flowing into the hands of winners. Moreover, Moxy intends to integrate popular games, allowing players to play an eSports-enabled version of their favorite releases and earn lucrative real-money prizes. Game developers and publishers are thus empowered to implement eSports game modes and reach new players via the platform and integration stack.

The exact value of all prizes will be revealed after the activation of the Moxy (MOXY) mainnet, while the total prize pool is limited to $100,000 minus the prices of MOXY tokens and NFTs.

MOXY token generation event is in the cards

To be eligible to participate, GameFi enthusiasts must be at least 21 years of age. All interested players should create a Moxy Club account and pass KYC checks to receive the 1000 MOXY testnet tokens.

Players can also enjoy bonus 50 MOXY tokens for every referral once registration and KYC procedures are completed.

As explained by the Moxy (MOXY) team, this beta challenge is an important step in the preparation for the Token Generation Event (TGE) of MOXY, the first core value of the ecosystem.

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