Big Eye presale tracks new highs as Bitcoin dumps 10-day low

Big Eye presale tracks new highs as Bitcoin dumps 10-day low

The upward trajectory we have seen Bitcoin take in recent weeks has positively indicated that the cryptocurrency market is on to something good. Despite falling to as low as $15k last August, Bitcoin started the year on a more positive note, and in the early days of February, the cryptocurrency hit as high as $25k. However, things are starting to turn in the wrong direction. The Bitcoin(BTC) network did not react well to the latest PCE data and the token fell massively in the last few days. Bitcoin has fallen to a ten-day low, and several altcoins have followed suit in this ordeal. The total market capitalization has lost a peak of $1.1 trillion and it looks more like a bloodbath for some altcoins.

On the contrary, some new projects perform well because of the novelty they offer and the possibility of new liquidity and new money entering the market. Big eyes(BIG) is one such and is a meme coin that is constantly experiencing new heights in pre-sales. Advance sales have been one of the largest in ten markets, selling well over $20 million despite market irregularities. Big eyes coin is a worthy purchase for anyone who wants to make a little profit in such market conditions.

Bitcoin falls to a 10-day low amid recent events.

The Bitcoin network is one of those blockchains that needs little or no introduction to the cryptocurrency market. This is mainly a result of the influence it has on the market. As the first cryptocurrency in existence, Bitcoin is a project that created a legacy for the blockchain community. And it has grown to allow more of other crypto projects to emerge.

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It is a decentralized digital currency that operates without a central authority or intermediary. It works by using a decentralized system model, which is one of the essential essence of the blockchain system. It debuted in 2009 and was introduced by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin has been hailed as a revolutionary technology that could transform the financial industry. It can provide a secure, decentralized, affordable alternative to traditional payment methods. However, the price action has repeatedly shown the volatility of these asset classes in recent months. The recent declines have affected other market prices, putting most altcoins in the same situation, a not-so-comfortable bath in the red room of falling prices.

Big Eyes revives the market with high pre-sale values.

Big eyes(BIG) is one of the projects that investors are looking forward to in the crypto market, and this is important because the project has seen huge sales in the pre-sale. Big Eyes began pre-sales in 2022 and has sold over $20 million during that time now. It is a meme coin project that wants to take a different path to provide the best DeFi features for its users.

Big eyes is a cat-themed project and a DeFi meme solution with the opportunity to explore many potentials. The meme coin will allow features like staking, liquidity pool acquisition NFTs, DAO model, etc. With wide eyes, users can be sure to get a project of relevance and fun included. The pre-sale has been going on for a while, and it may not be that much longer. If you are interested in buying STORE tokens and getting more out of the market this year, now is the time to decide. Buy your token here.

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