Best Crypto Ads Examples in 2023

Best Crypto Ads Examples in 2023

Here’s a fun fact about crypto advertising according to leading crypto chat agency Baden Bower. The first cryptocurrency ad to air on US national television debuted in May 2019. The “Drop Gold” marketing initiative by digital asset manager Grayscale featured a 30-second ad. The ad ran nationwide on cable, business news networks and OTT streaming video services.

The company received $171.7 million in inflows in the third quarter of 2019 – the highest quarterly inflow in the product’s six-year history – despite the ad receiving a mixed response from the Twitter community.

Since then, both established and startup cryptocurrency businesses have discovered that a concise, engaging video is the best marketing strategy for raising awareness. However, there is a focus on quality; according to BreadnBeyond, only carefully planned bitcoin movies can yield positive results, while shoddy movies can scare away viewers and do more harm than good to one’s internet reputation.

Baden Bower Head journalist AJ Ignacio compiles his list of the most memorable examples of crypto ads.

“Crypto, Meet Hollywood”: Ashton Kutcher’s Ripple Surprise

Remember that moment when Ashton Kutcher graced The Ellen DeGeneres Show with a live demonstration of Ripple’s XRP? By donating a whopping $4 million to Ellen’s Wildlife Fund in seconds, this celebrity encounter left everyone in awe of the power of blockchain. Talk about a killer crypto ad!

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“The Doge That Conquer The Moon”: SpaceX’s Dogecoin Adventure

When SpaceX announced that they would accept Dogecoin as payment for their lunar satellite mission, the internet went into a frenzy. The meme coin had officially taken off, and the resulting ad campaign, with its tongue-in-cheek puns and Doge-Musk alliance, cemented Dogecoin’s place in crypto advertising history.

“When Keanu Met Crypto”: Matrix-inspired eToro promotion

What happens when you combine Keanu Reeves, a Matrix inspired story and a crypto exchange? Pure marketing genius! eToro’s “You Can’t Neo the Future” campaign smartly played on pop culture references and Keanu’s cool persona, making it an adventure to remember.

“Wit and Wild”:’s ‘Time for Plan B’ Campaign’s ‘Time for Plan B’ campaign was a clever jab at traditional banking, featuring an amiable gentleman walking a lion down Wall Street. The ad’s bold visuals and message struck a chord with many, earning it a place in the crypto advertising hall of fame.

The story of money in shades of gray

On August 10, 2020, Grayscale Investments launched a national advertising campaign. The ads aired on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX and Fox Business. The 28-second commercial uses Ramone’s “Hey Ho Let’s Go” call to action to quickly teach viewers about the evolution of money. to spread the word about their cryptocurrency offerings. Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert tweeted five days later that the company had its biggest fundraising week ever. Grayscale funds received $217 million.

Michael Bolton Viral Video on recognized an opportunity to position itself as a stock trading app for the general public as a result of increased scrutiny of applications such as Robinhood.

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It ran a ten-commercial TikTok campaign targeting the Millennial and Gen-Z groups, and followed it up with a major national ad starring music legend Michael Bolton. He sang “How am I expected to act without you?” as a satirical parody, urging viewers to end their relationship with the brokerage. After the video went viral, added over 1,000,000 new users in less than a month.

These blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing examples can help one get started on their next campaign, stay motivated and creative. It’s important to create ads that can help portray a project’s message, turning long and winding walls of text into tasty bits of information.

From celebrity endorsements to witty puns, these ads have not only caught our attention, but have also played a role in shaping the perception and understanding of cryptocurrencies. And as we continue our journey through the cryptoverse, one thing is for sure: we can’t wait to see what addictive promotions the future holds!

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