“Banks should play a critical role in guaranteeing liquidity in the blockchain environment”

“Banks should play a critical role in guaranteeing liquidity in the blockchain environment”


The CEO of BBVA in Switzerland has participated in the fifth edition of the Crypto Valley Conference, the most emblematic event of the Crypto Valley Association (CVA), where he has emphasized the bank’s role for blockchain development together with other leading experts in the industry.

The conference of CVA, the world’s leading cryptographic and blockchain technology association, of which BBVA is a member, brought together more than 60 speakers who lead this industry.

Alfonso Gómez, CEO of BBVA in Switzerland, has participated in the panel “Margin to Mainstream: Digital Asset Banking”, focusing on answering the question of how to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in the financial world. A discussion that emphasized key role such as safety, regulation and education help achieve this goal and offer users the best possible access to this technology. He explained that “BBVA has been working for more than five years in the field of blockchain and since 2021 has moved forward by launching its cryptocurrency trading and custody service in Switzerland. The bank is convinced of the importance of exploring the potential of this technology, which is have a transformative impact on capital markets and on the exchange of value or data“.

The bank is keen to explore the potential of this technology, which has a transformative impact on capital markets and the exchange of securities or data. “Crypto-assets are considered the biggest revolution since the advent of the Internet in the 90s, and much of the reason lies in the similarities of both technologies in terms of adoption and disruptive capabilities,” Gómez added.

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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are everyday topics that have emerged as a new form of global economy. Thus, BBVA in Switzerland is launching Blockchain to go, a series of educational pills to give people and companies the necessary knowledge to enter this new world with confidence and security.

Alfonso Gómez also emphasized that “our mission as banks should involve playing an absolutely crucial role in facilitating liquidity with all the guarantees, and ensuring a clear system of convergence between both worlds in terms of education, cyber security and regulation of this technologyputs it at the service of society and provides development for a world in constant change.” BBVA in Switzerland shared this roundtable, moderated by Emi Lorinz, AVC board member, with blockchain experts and financial world insiders such as Dirk Klee, CEO of Bitcoin Switzerland; Payal Shah, Product Manager at CME Group; Valery Nöel, head of Trading at Syz Group; and Franz Bergmüller, from SEBA.

The Crypto Valley Conference is certified by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and supported by Innosuissethe Swiss Innovation Agency, bringing together interested academics and interdisciplinary professionals studying and working in the blockchain technology space.

In its fifth edition, it has reunited more than 600 companies and more than 1,500 business participants, including the most influential leaders of the global blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem and startups entering the market, to discuss a wide range of topics related to technology, economy, finance and regulation.

In addition, the conference had a strong academic component, including a day of tailor-made masterclasses with a focus on current issues such as Web3 risk management, trading in crypto derivatives and cryptographic security. Before the event, more than 150 startups presented their projects to an expert jury that selected the top 10 finalists who had the opportunity to present their projects during the event and receive recognition and funding.

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