August at The Fintech Times: Fintech for Good

August at The Fintech Times: Fintech for Good
August at The Fintech Times: Fintech for Good

This August at Fintech Times, we want to highlight some of the amazing things fintechs are doing around the world. We always hear about “the latest breakthrough innovation that does good for society,” but do these innovations do good for those already in an advantageous position, or do they help make the world of finance more accessible?

For us at The Fintech Times, fintech for good means companies that want to help people who desperately need it, and prioritize financial inclusion and sustainability. But what about the rest of the industry? We will start the month by gathering views on what fintech for good means for various companies, and answer questions such as:

  • What distinguishes a “fintech for good” company from the rest?
  • How can fintech help developing countries?
  • How can fintech help improve financial well-being?

We will then shift the focus to both non-profit organizations and profit organisations. We want to emphasize that just because a company makes money, it does not mean that it does not do good for a community, as we hear about:

  • What are some examples of charities that have benefited from fintechs?
  • How can a fintech be commercial while being ‘good’?
  • How can the unbanked be banked?

Many have suggested that moving away from a cash-first society will enable greater financial inclusion – with this in mind, we delve into how cryptocurrencies can help cashless societies evolve:

  • How can crypto and CBDC help communities?
  • How important are remittances and what can be done to improve the process?
  • What changes have major players made to become more inclusive?
  • How can rapid digitization be properly implemented to help cash-first countries?
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We’ll round out the month by looking at success stories, highlighting feel-good moments when businesses reflect on the positive impact they’ve had on their communities:

  • Family-run business success stories
  • Pandemic success stories
  • ESG success stories

In addition to this, the topic is set to saturate many of our non-paper content streams, including webinars, podcasts and in-person interviews. There has never been a more appropriate time to open up the conversation around this exciting topic, and we look forward to sharing more exclusive fintech insights with you, our dear audience, over the coming weeks.

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