Asia Broadband launches new NFT

Asia Broadband launches new NFT

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Asia Broadband Inc. (AABB) (“AABB” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its newly created proprietary pool of Non-Fungible Token (“NFT”) – renderings are in the final phase of development before they are launched on the NFT market. Over the past few months, AABB has been working with Web 3.0 consultants to bring this project to life, now branded as the “Golden Baboons Mining Club”. Management will continue to implement its NFT business plan and escalate the recently launched business within the company’s digital business segment. In addition, the Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 expansion strategically positions AABB for growth in the coming years.

“Since we are a gold mining company and also have our AABBG gold-backed digital token, it was a logical extension to develop an NFT project related to gold. Our primary goal with the NFT segment is to bring all the elements of AABB together to increase market awareness of an entertaining way by creating a welcoming mascot-like character that embraces the spirit and community of all AABB followers Accordingly, we intend to build shareholder value and loyalty by positioning our own unique “Baboon Army” in the NFT space as other companies has done like AMC with Ape ARMY, expressed Chris Torres, AABB President and CEO.

The Golden Baboons Mining Club will be the first NFT gathering from AABB. Shareholders, token holders and followers of the company can now stay updated on the latest NFT project developments by following our newly created twitter account at:

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Additional project information will be rolled out over the coming days and weeks, which will include a Q&A on twitter, website launch and pre-sale registration.

AABB management created a corporate initiative earlier this year to enter the NFT market to promote the rapid expansion of the company’s digital asset base. Subsequently, the company has developed its first NFTs and has been in discussions to create more NFT marketplaces for unique digital content categories, including music, sports and video media. In addition, AABB has a comparative advantage to efficiently process NFT transactions within the marketplaces. The company’s existing blockchain-based digital technology platforms, the AABBG token, AABB Wallet and AABB Exchange can be quickly integrated into newly created NFT market networks. Consequently, the company has been diligently focused on the development opportunities within the rapidly growing NFT market.

The NFT market in 2021 realized explosive growth and is estimated to have reached over $40 billion. Furthermore, the growth trend is projected to continue in the long term, as NFTs are expected to become increasingly integrated with the general public and accepted by the investment community for their proven authenticity and uniqueness.

About Asia broadband

Asia Broadband Inc. (AABB) is a resource company focused on the production, supply and sale of precious metals and base metals, primarily to Asian markets. The company uses its specific geographic expertise, experience and extensive industry contacts to facilitate its innovative distribution process from production and delivery of precious and base metals in Mexico to customer sales networks in Asia. This vertical integration approach to sales transactions is the unique strength of AABB that differentiates the company and creates distinctive shareholder value. In addition, the company has added a digital asset business segment with its AABBG newly minted mine-to-token gold-backed cryptocurrency within its AABB Wallet, a proprietary digital exchange AABBExchange and a proprietary cryptocurrency payment gateway solution AABB expects the token to become a worldwide standard for exchange that is stable, secured and reliable with gold backing, while having the added benefit of demand-based price escalation. These are unique and outstanding qualities compared to other cryptocurrencies.

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Forward-looking statements are contained in this press release pursuant to the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on Asia Broadband Inc.’s (the “Company’s”) anticipated current beliefs about the Company’s operations, which are subject to uncertainty and change. The operations and results of the company may deviate significantly from what is expressed or implied by the statements above when industry, regulatory, market and competitive conditions change. Further information on these risks can be found in the annual and quarterly information published by the company on the OTC Markets website. The company undertakes no obligation to update or change its forward-looking statements as future circumstances, events and information may change.


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