As nearly 75% of retailers plan to accept crypto, watch out for Dogecoin and HachiFi

As nearly 75% of retailers plan to accept crypto, watch out for Dogecoin and HachiFi
As nearly 75% of retailers plan to accept crypto, watch out for Dogecoin and HachiFi

A new survey by Deloitte has concluded that nearly 75% of retailers plan to accept cryptocurrency or stablecoins within the next two years. With some big brand names like Gucci, Pizza Hut and Lamborghini already in the crypto market, the movement towards these currencies has already started.

Although paying for a product in crypto is unusual right now, and most of the population has never used them, 83% of retailers expect interest in cryptocurrencies to increase over the next year. Over half of the companies surveyed by Deloitte have invested over $1 million in digital payments. According to these numbers, it looks like crypto is the future of payments.

Meme coins have proven to be particularly popular in the crypto community. Based on famous internet memes, these coins already have a fan base of people who follow them, building community support. Dogecoin (DOGE) is the most famous of these, with a passionate team of people rooting for the dog-themed coin. Using the same dog as Doge, HachiFi Token hopes to develop a similar fan base. Designed for NFT creation, HachiFi is undoubtedly an exciting new coin with a lot of potential.

Dogecoin and the Future of Crypto

The Deloitte survey found that over 50% of respondents plan to have third-party payment processors convert digital currency into fiat currency (pounds, euros, dollars). To clarify, the merchants will not own cryptocurrencies, they will accept crypto payments and then convert. As a result, companies remain optimistic about the benefits of accepting crypto payments. The volatility of crypto does not affect their company while they benefit from an increased customer base, a win-win situation.

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Currently ranked 10th in the world, Dogecoin is a very popular currency and one that will be accepted by almost, if not all, third party payment processors. Dogecoin has recently seen a surge in value as it climbs out of the bear market, so this prediction for increased crypto adoption is very good news.

Since cryptocurrency is not tied to the government, users enjoy the weirdness of crypto, especially Dogecoin. It was a random movement that started with a joke tweet and spiraled into a currency worth millions. With the meme dog Doge as its mascot, this community-driven coin is loved by users as they can vote on its internal decisions and wider impact.

The promising new HachiFi token

Inspired by Dogecoin, this Shiba Inu themed token brings the weird and wonderful energy of meme coins to NFT generation. With HachiFi, users can breed NFTs and hatch them from eggs. It features a lovable coin in vintage gaming style with a cute dog mascot, destined to charm fans of Dogecoin. It adds new elements with gaming features and an NFT focus while providing the unique Dogecoin meme feel. The HachiFi platform is dedicated to rewarding and empowering creators while providing equal financial opportunity.

As retailers and companies take cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, new coins like HachiFi have an increasingly promising future.

HachiFi (HACHI)


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