Artist Drop: Fan3 + Amir Karimian | NFT CULTURE | Web3 Culture NFTs and Crypto Art

Artist Drop: Fan3 + Amir Karimian |  NFT CULTURE |  Web3 Culture NFTs and Crypto Art

FAN3 is proud to announce its upcoming collaboration on Nifty Gateway with Iranian artist Amir Karimian, going live on Wednesday March 15th. This is Amir’s second release on Nifty Gateway as he was featured in FAN3’s first GEN3 release in November 2022 as one of the 11 talented artists in their Emerging Artist Grant program. Amir Karimian is an independent graphic designer and visual artist living and working in Iran. He studied graphic design and is currently a university lecturer. His sources of inspiration are natural phenomena and everyday life. He uses visual factors to transform external realities into his artwork. He tries to challenge the validity of his characters and experiences the world outside of reality. His work is shaped under the influence of nature and sensitivity to the phenomena and events around him, his visual expression has a different approach to other artists.

ID collection

One of the factors that push the boundaries of art today is technology. Technology is a powerful tool for expressing thoughts and ideas to artists. The artworks in the digital world are the result of connecting the artist’s mentalities and feelings with modern tools. In Amir’s practice, he places special emphasis on discovering the possibilities of digital art in the NFT platform. Nevertheless, he also tries to exploit the possibilities of non-digital art such as painting, sculpture, animation and music to challenge the boundaries of the image. In the upcoming project titled “ID”, Amir depicts several different human emotions through the visual branches of portraiture using the capabilities of digital art. Each work has its own characteristics and each one is a representation of the complex dimensions of people’s thoughts. Depicting the deeper layers of the human head as the center of thinking and feeling, along with the question of time, is the main atmosphere of these works. Through this series, an audience experiences different emotions in people through their emotions/movements and can identify with one in particular.

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Portraiture is the most fundamental distinction between people, the portraits presented are of particular importance because of their unprecedented flexibility in representing inner states and their relationship to human identity. In this context, each part of this project is a conflict between appearance and concealment, revealing and concealing, visible and hidden. They are a self-portrait. The ID collection contains 8 parts:

Dream: Open Edition – 48 hours
Scramble: 1/1 Auction – 24 hours
Rebellion: FCFS – 5 editions
Suffering: FCFS – 5 issues
predicament: Ranked Auction – 3 issues
Insulation: Ranked Auction – 3 issues
Mask: A special reward for the highest successful bidders over $100, by Predicament and Isolation.
Shelter: $1 drawing – 30 issues. Eligible for Communi3 membership holders and owners of Amir’s NFTs.

Be sure to set your reminders and check out ID Collection on Nifty Gateway:
Drop Page:
Open Edition:

Amir Karimian


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