Amber Vittoria’s latest NFT collection is popular

The latest NFT collection from Artist and Poet Amber Vittoria, “Memories Of A Masterpiece” has taken the Web3 community by storm. Shortly after its release, the collection started trending on Twitter as well as secondary marketplaces – reaching a volume of 100 ETH ($140,000 USD) in just 24 hours and a floor price of 0.6 ETH at its highest (about $840 USD), with some of the more rare works sell for as high as $15,000 USD.

Vittoria has exploded onto the Web3 scene thanks in part to her collaboration with The Hundreds at NFT NYC and the subsequent support of Adam Bomb Squad (ABS) and the wider NFT Twitter community.

In a chat with HypemoonVittoria shared what inspired her to jump into the Web3 world, “seeing artists support themselves, create provenance and be able to actively participate in their secondary market – all while being in the middle of the pandemic – encouraged me to become a part of the Web3 space,” she went on to add “what has kept me here is the community of intelligent, forward-thinking people who want to leverage this technology to improve the art world.”

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The artist shared how NFTs have changed her creative process, saying that “when I first got into the space, I relied on my digital art-making practice as it was a little easier for people to understand 1/1- the nature of it. After I was out in the space a bit, and more collectors became familiar with the idea of ​​editions of phygitals (physical collectibles along with an NFT aspect), I started to bring my painting practice into the blockchain.”

With such massive support from the ABS community and NFT Twitter as a whole, Hypemoon asked Vittoria to best describe how the response has made her feel.

“The first word that comes to mind is chaos, but that’s because it’s all still being processed for me. It’s been incredibly humbling to connect with so many people through how I communicate best: painting and poetry.”

Vittoria admitted that equality and representation remain some of the biggest obstacles for artists in both Web3 and traditional spaces.

Sharing more about the meaning behind her work, Vittoria said “through abstracted form, bands of color and happy words, my work aims to represent shades of femininity,” adding that “I’m still working to help create a path towards equality for women and non-binary artists in the space, through getting my own artwork out there, but also by collecting as well.”

At the end of the interview with Hypemoon, Vittoria shared hints about an upcoming edition, which she says includes “paintings that mean the world to me.” The drop is scheduled to take place towards the end of August and more information will be shared soon.

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Elsewhere in art, Christie’s is launching a Web3 venture fund.

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