A closer look at the myths surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

A closer look at the myths surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Today, everyone wants to join the crypto world. Bitcoin mining is a good option. The process is not only a way to avoid rewards, but at the same time seamless bitcoin mining and shows that cryptocurrencies are added periodically to the system.

This maintains a steady supply of bitcoins in the market and it also has the potential to affect the value of cryptocurrency. Due to the benefits of bitcoin mining, many people are looking forward to start the mining process. However, the image is not as lucrative.

There are certain key criteria one must meet to become a successful tour miner. The mining process can only be started when you have the right set of equipment, tools and software. Unlike the coding work that IT people do, bitcoin mining requires powerful GPUs and software that can help solve computational problems faster. Only when one is well acquainted with all these aspects can one become a successful bitcoin miner.

Get the facts about bitcoin and cryptocurrency myths

Myth 1: You can easily start mining

The first thing you have to do is keep a check on what are the prerequisites you need to do the mining. Read the following to become a Bitcoin miner:

  • Computer for mining
  • Steady source of electricity
  • Software for mining
  • Take membership in the mining pool
  1. computer hardware In addition to having the right software, you also need the right hardware to perform the mining process. The cost can range up to $1,500 per computer. For individual investors, this can be quite expensive. But if you don’t have state-of-the-art ASIC, it wouldn’t be easy to compete with other miners and become a winner.
  1. Electricity costs– The important factor that affects the mining process is the power costs. The electricity cost for mining can range anywhere between $0.03 – $0.08 per kWh.
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Myth 2: Mining pools are not rewarding at all

While a mining operation would be well acquainted with the first three requirements of the mining process, but the idea of ​​mining pool membership came into the picture to deal with the problem of increasing mining difficulties. Investing in a powerful computer and mining software is not a feasible option for many. Handling the mining process individually is therefore not only cumbersome, but also an expensive affair.

Joining a group of miners will make it easy for the new miner to use the resources and get the rewards. Also, the probability of a single mining rig receiving a block reward is less compared to joining the pool. Therefore, any person looking forward to becoming a part of the crypto world should consider joining the mining pool.

The crypto communities can prove to be very useful here. These communities have active players who can not only help you find the right mining pool, but also traders who are willing to invest in crypto as they can get the right help and guidance here. Besides, you can also get information about the crypto news and other changes taking place in the market.

How much reward do you get for mining?

We know that bitcoin miners receive a reward when they are able to solve the computational problems. This is called a block reward. Simply put, this is the reward for each block that the miner searches for and adds to the system. This happens every four years and this table takes you through the history of the same:

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Year Bitcoins
2012 25.00 BTC
2016 12.50 BTC
2020 6.25 BTC

Having will continue until all cryptocurrency is in our mind. According to the reports, 10 minutes is what it takes to mine a new bitcoin unit. It is expected that by 2140 all bitcoins will be mined.

Myth 3: Bitcoin will soon leave the market

The answer is no. Bitcoin is gaining acceptance worldwide. Bitcoin is growing at an unexpected rate and as a result many popular companies are accepting Bitcoins as their preferred payment method.


This information has given you an insight into the cryptocurrency myths and reality. Trading also gets a good reputation among investors. You can join to see one guide to bitcoin and crypto website, and invest in crypto.

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