84% of Brazilian high earners surveyed know what crypto is

84% of Brazilian high earners surveyed know what crypto is
84% of Brazilian high earners surveyed know what crypto is

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Crypto awareness is on the rise in Brazil, a new survey has found – especially among people with higher incomes.

The survey, which was reported by Globo, was conducted by JPMorgan-supported neobank C6in collaboration with the data provider Ipec. The parties spoke to 2,000 people based across the country. The individuals belong to all income classes A, B and C. The AE class system is used by The Secretariat for Intelligence and Strategic Affairs and Brazilian Association of Research Companies, which sorts people into income groups. The lowest group, E, earns up to twice the minimum wage, while As earn x20 or more times the value of the minimum wage.

The survey was conducted in July this year and found that 84% of respondents claimed to be aware of cryptoassets, with only 16% unsure of what tokens such as bitcoin (BTC) were.

Under a third of respondents said they were yet to form an opinion on crypto, but nearly a quarter expressed interest in investing in the future.

Some said they had already dabbled in the crypto world – albeit with mixed results. One percent of those who said they had previously taken the crypto plunge claimed they would never buy tokens again. And 9% of respondents said they had bought crypto, and would consider buying more in the future.

The data also showed that there is still some skepticism among many of Brazil’s wealthier individuals. Almost 20% said they distrusted crypto and would never consider making an investment.

The data also painted a picture of a typical crypto investor. C6 and Ipec pointed out that the majority of those who said they had bought crypto or were seriously considering an investment were male and between the ages of 25 and 44.

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Conversely, the data showed that there is still an information gap between genders and generations when it comes to crypto awareness. 20 percent of Brazilian women surveyed said they knew nothing about crypto, with that figure just 14% for men.

Among people over the age of 60, 27% said they knew nothing about BTC and the like – while only 13% of those under 24 said they were unaware of crypto-related matters.
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