59% crypto users are interested in AI advancements for blockchain and crypto trading: KuCoin

59% crypto users are interested in AI advancements for blockchain and crypto trading: KuCoin


KuCoin, a top global crypto exchange, conducted a study on generational trends in AI integration and blockchain efficiency. Discover the key findings and insights from the study, highlighting the growing interest and adoption of AI technologies in the crypto space, especially among younger generations.

KuCoinone of the top five global cryptocurrency exchanges, conducted a comprehensive study to understand the perspectives and aspirations of different generations (Gen Z, Gen Y and Gen X) regarding AI integration and blockchain efficiency. The study revealed key generational trends and expectations regarding the adoption of AI and its potential impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The study found that over 90% of respondents have either used or expressed an interest in using AI to increase efficiency in their everyday lives. Gen Z and Gen Y respondents showed a higher adoption rate and positive reception of AI compared to Gen X, indicating a generational shift in embracing AI technologies.

Generative AI for text, such as ChatGPT, was preferred across all generations, with 51% of respondents preferring it. Navigation apps and voice AI assistants were highly valued for their practicality and convenience, especially among Gen Z and Gen Y. AI-generated creative content and AI-powered trading tools became increasingly popular, especially among Gen Y users.

The survey indicated that 59% of respondents want AI advancements in blockchain and crypto trading, with Gen Z and Gen Y showing a higher level of enthusiasm compared to Gen X. AI applications for education, work efficiency, healthcare and security/risk management were interest across all generations, highlighting the growing acceptance of AI’s potential in these sectors.

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Privacy and security issues were the top concerns for 48% of users, with Gen X respondents particularly concerned about the centralization of power resulting from AI deployment. Concerns about human control, transparency and job loss were shared across all generations, but were more pronounced among Gen X users.

The study also revealed that 64% of crypto users are at least somewhat familiar with AI applications in blockchain/crypto, with Gen Z and Gen Y showing a higher level of familiarity compared to Gen X. This highlights the need for tailored education and awareness- construction work.

Understanding these generational trends is essential for cryptocurrency platforms to cater to the diverse needs and expectations of their user community. KuCoin, as a leading exchange, aims to provide a secure, user-friendly and technologically advanced platform. The insights from the survey will shape the future direction of the exchange and strengthen KuCoin’s position as an industry leader.

KuCoin’s CEO, Johnny Lyu, expressed his motivation and dedication to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. He emphasized the importance of improving the platform to meet the dynamic needs of the crypto community.

The research findings will serve as a roadmap for future endeavours, enabling the creation of ground-breaking solutions that empower users and drive the industry forward.

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