300,000 people waiting for The GodMusician NFT, new pre-sale policy gives investors control over prices

300,000 people waiting for The GodMusician NFT, new pre-sale policy gives investors control over prices
300,000 people waiting for The GodMusician NFT, new pre-sale policy gives investors control over prices

GodMusician (GOM), the largest music NFT DeFi community in the world, started an airdrop event in July as a first step in the project. At the same time, more than 300,000 users flocked to the official community. As an NFT DeFi community, GOM is doing its best to help musicians claim their rights by combining the blockchain operation method with the previous music market. The new pre-sale model upgrades the auction system, giving investors the right to determine the price of GMiner NFT. GOM will do its best to create a new decentralized economic model for music financing and a full-chain music trading platform.

GOM is the best investment tool for the music NFT tracks at the moment and its team members consist of the best music professors from global universities. In addition, many of their students who are musicians will now be the foundation of our society.

GMiner NFT prices with upgraded Dutch auction

The auction here has a bidding technique that gradually lowers the price per minute once it has started. These bids are usually reduced by a predetermined percentage.

GOM will upgrade the new auction model and apply it to GMiner’s pre-sale. An optimized economic model will be more suitable for the market and highlight the platform’s financial and blockchain mechanism.

GMiner NFT is not sold at a fixed selling price, but is determined by market conditions. When a sale is made during the discount period, the sale price is increased to be adjusted. And if there is no sales volume for a certain period, the discount is applied again.

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In this way, the price of GMiner NFT is determined according to the market conditions, so that investors can choose the best bid.

GodMusician (GOM)’s earlier stage GOM tokens are only issued with GMiner NFTs. GMiner NFT is currently on pre-sale, The auction is receiving enthusiastic support from several investors.

GStar participation conditions:

  1. Those who can play the role of community owner after the community foundation is formed
  2. People who are passionate and interested in the development of the music NFT industry
  3. Have strong appeal, influence, leadership and action
  4. It’s perfect if you have the ability to plan community events!

If you achieve at least 2 of the above, please contact the official staff to apply for membership!

GOM Community Leader GStar Benefits:

  1. Abundant token rewards in the early stages of the project (tradeable according to individual abilities)
  2. Receive official rewards regularly.
  3. Selection of leaders in official global offline activities (given opportunities to expand influence)
  4. GStar for each node also participates in global promotion of GOM




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