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C-pro Entities are two Dimensional and dual layered Cryptographic Value Carriers, and therefore Sources, we are being asked, why is this so significant to point out.

Our Answer:

With C-pro we are seeking to apply/realize the purest most mutual form of Money, or Value Carrier.

the most common goal of Cooperation is the increase of the common economic situation. In the economic daily live this is being done through execution of work, but more substantial by strategic and thoughtful development of Value Sources those are also being described as “investment Assets”, these generative Assets that give usefulness and make Consumption Capacities over time obtainable at all.

Now this is very theoretically explained in the daily reality this behavior materialises through various different meanings:

Examplatory types of economic Value Sources:

  1. The drilling of Wells to have  Value Sources in form of Water.

  2. The construction of Housing Facilities to have a Value Sources in form of Shelter.

  3. The installation of Factories to have Value Sources in form of Consumer Products.

  4. The development of Scientific Facilities to have Value Sources in form of Research and Knowledge.


C-pro is all about the development and profitable holding and Assetmanagment of productive and generative Value Sources.

of all possible Value Sources C-pro is specialised in identifing and the development of economic sources that are:

  1. Risk Averse

  2. Sustainable

  3. Stable and Selfrenewing

  4. Long-term Oriented


but also:

  1. Growth oriented

  2. Productive


C-pro token are basically the property over those Value Sources, and their Output.

So whenever Cooperation is required a refering amount of C-pro Token is being created in order to reward the cooperative work that was required for that certain Project.

C-PRO entities are designed legaly (also regarding property rights), socioeconomically and technologically in a way that they are and respresent value SOURCES








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