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Cryptoproductivity, C-PRO, entities/sources,

is a professionally managed value sources engineering token and cryptocurrency from germany and borderless useable.

The Managing organisation is called the "CPRO Foundation" or more detailed the

"CPRO Value Sources Engineering Foundation"

C-PRO is based currently on the waves plattform and is exchangable on the waves dex decentralised exchange.

Where it is being traded, in multiple different available pairings.

C-PRO is used for professional engineering of real world value sources, its token are not just imaginary marks, they also are property rights over those value sources, giving the token their high quality generative 2D sources character.

Value Sources are Generative Assets or Properties, that generate Values in various forms, for example

Consumption Capacity related Value Sources, Scientific Value Sources, Religious ValouSources, Cultural ValueSources, Entertainment ValueSources.

C-PRO is therefore introduced and marketed as Cryptosources, 2D Cryptocurrency, Sources, Sources instead of Coins, Value Sources engineering Token and others.

C-PRO is designed huge to have a big marketcapitalisation, and is also used if necessary in huge dimensions.

C-PRO is coupled on the euro (€) in its usage and in its calculations. and decouples if political events make it necessary.

In its current establishment phase C-PRO is backed by € in 1:1 ratio.


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