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Stable Entities are an Important Part of a Two Dimensional Cryptographic Value Carrier. They are interconnected in their second so called “socioeconomic” Layer. Making a Two Dimensional Cryptographic Value Carrier dual Layered, Differential and Generative. And distinguish Sources (Entities) from Coins (Cash).

Stable Entities enhance Higher Dimensional Cryptographic Currencies with their special High Quality Features, we here list just some of those which our approach will have:


  • Autonomity

  • Selfpowerment

  • Independence from Information Inefficiency

  • Long-term Value Security

  • Long-term Cryptographic Security

  • Generativity

  • Differentiality

  • Productivity

  • Systematic Infrastructure Social Beneficial

  • No splits

  • No unclear centralization via oligarchic miningpools


Stable Entities make a Cryptographic Currency Two Dimensional  and only with those it can correctly be described as “Sources” or “Entities” and being dual layered, distinguishing them from one layered empty IT systems called “coins, cash, or money” behind.

In the Reality, Stable entities are Socio Economic stable value generating Sources. They can be found all over the world, if carefully chosen acquired or developed, considering long term strategic goals, the layer of stable Entities, embodies the truly logic and scientifically correct substitution of medieval Gold or Silver as the value reinforcement of a value carrier, in an Information Age, Global or Planetary Urban Society.


Illustration 1 Strategically Distributed and Hedged Stable Entities around the world, securing and Powering Value.


Stable entities are held value generating Assets (Sources),that have to be strategically long term oriented chosen.

They are powering the Value of C-pro its long-term Independence, autonomity and Security both in value independence as in its capability to renew, maintain and continuously update its IT encryption System.

Example for a Stable Entity in Volatile Environment:

Stable Entities exist and can be developed almost everywhere in the World, even in Volatile regions they can be erected. We take a volatile location as our example of a Stable Entity, on our Website since it answers the most Questions. Stable regions that didn’t had much change wouldn’t answer us the possible more difficult Questions.

We take a City that has a long centuries even millennia old history, within this history this City must have been in a conflict of worldviews, wars, and under constant tension within its own population (civil conflict).Including vast Cultural Shifts. One could assume that if someone can place a stable entity in such a City then you can place one everywhere.



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