Planned Crackdown on "Security, style Assets" is not a joke, but an attempt of the Banking Cartel to reduce the CryptoIndustry to a bunch of irritating propaganda coins & Scums.

May 29, 2018




Cosidering an article of the online portal "BitcoinManager", τhere is a huge hunting down planned by NASAA, an organisation that wants to ban or forbid securities out of the cryptoindustry's sphere..



The truth about securities or digital assets that could be considered to be securtities is that, unlike the so-called "propaganda coins" like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and many similar, securities have a much bigger potential to sustainably replace and decentralise the financial system in the long term than the empty "propaganda coins" can ever achieve. The reason lies in the annoying vast competition of the propganda coins against each other for the "investors" attention, in the internet, and the indexes. And the importance of being listed on a certain commonly accepted index, creating a highly corrupt IT listening environment. Lets take Roger Ver and his Bitcoin Cash Campaign as an example:

(picture: roger ver cheerleading for bitcoin cash)

Is this how long term trustworthy future money looks like? The neverending ugly competition between the empty propaganda coins will create a very unsustainable and speculative environment, that changes its colors like a fashion trend that has only one escape: quality crafted and manged securities in regions that have reliable property owner rights.


Remember for all: Banning securities from cryptoindustry would reduce it to a bunch of annyoing "propaganda coins" fighting against each other for attention. There would be no meaningful engineering and economic reason left in it. Thats is exactly what the Banking Cartel desires. Even constructed projects like, IOTA, or Tron can also be interpreted as securities.


These securities could indeed access the highly unsecure environment in which craftsmen and other market participants live under which is dominated, ruled and defined by the national Rothschild backed banking cartels.


With a qualitative Cryptoindustry that know what it is doing, we could soften the unsecurity for the market participants that the banking cartels cause, and help reshape the economy and a new decentralized financial system, however we need an independent self-owned financial regulatory system and not the one that currently is supported by the established banking cartels.

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