Why still use Bitcoin name and symbolic whenever refering to Cryptocurrencies?

June 5, 2018

An observeations i made is that in many if not all established media portals, corporations and authorities, there is still an issue regarding the framing and describing the cryptocurrency industry or economy. Bitcoin is still marketed there indirectly or unintentionally. This is completely not good, as it promotes bitcoin in a way it shouldn't be promoed, and breaks down progress and development in an industry that has a bad image due to bitcoins energy waste and its speculative pump and dump scemes.


you want some examples, lets start:






 Or this two german media sites:


Of course there are countless more examples where naive or unaware usage of Bitcoin when refering to the cryptoindustry and its cryptocapitlists do damage by promoting the old Bitcoin token, and its speculation. bitcoin this way influences the price of all other cryptocurrencies which it better shouldnt, as every cryptocurrency should be judged by its own quality and not by the propagandistic success of Bitcoin and how similar it is to Bitcoin.


So to increase the quality of the cryptoindustry let's stop using Bitcoin whenever talking about or refering to it. Bitcoin isn't a great cryptocurrency, it was designed as a ramcoin, that is unreachable for investigation and surpression of the ruling banking cartels to reduce their influence over the people. After their nimbus had been destroyed by Bitcoin many great and much more efficient and beneficial project cryptocurrencies emerged, like tron, iota that actually are going to create something and not just waste electricity.


By checking our language and improving it, we also increase the industry's success and quality. Despite the issue that the established "big dogs" like the media channels, sec and corporations are still using a bad langauge and symbolic.



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