Money like Popcorn: The future of expeditions and project CryptoCurrencies



The approximate amount of existing cryptocurrencies is more than 30.000 and only 1600 of them are officially indexed. Small projects or Cryptoexpeditions might get at a low or no value phase, and then suddenly create a huge value pump similar to popcorn making, in case the projects or expeditions end up being fruitful.  


Imagine the Blackbeard's sunken ship expedition, being funded not by venture capitalists, but by an ICO. That would have lead to an unstable financially phase, in which the expedition’s leadership would sell their “discovery”, presented as a cryptotoken, for reputational reasons. This wοuld not only cause a sudden price increase, but also form a new arbitrage opportunity, having suddenly a certain cryptotoken which can be litterally measured in gold, platinum or other precious metals.

Excavation of the ship, "Queen Anne’s Revenge", used by the famous pirate "Blackbeard" lead to wealth evaluated as 17 billion US-$ in 2011


Cryptoexpeditions and projects will all pop up in value suddenly and without knowledge as soon as the projects have been successfully completed. Researching the market for those  “Popcorn” Token will prove a work full of nightmares for "cryptoanalysts".
This character of the countless different ICOs will likely create opportunities and threats, the opportunities however, lie in a very stable and secure demand for the basic economic infrastructure that will regularly receive contracts from ICO projects and expeditions, and thereby  will be stable environments for family SMEs. The threat however lies in the possible abuse, waste,  and hostile non - anthropocentric usage of those fruits and ressources, which are keeping the doors wide shut closed to the public.


As soon as those project cryptocurrencies have popped many, arbitrage and opportunity hunters will try to find those token in order to exchange them for the goods they are then exchangeable for. Like in our case, the golden spanish doubloons.


Historic spanish gold doubloon

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