CryptoCoins that do Nothing stand for Nothing and protect Nothing, aren't just Low Quality Coins, they also pose the risk of representing just a form of Parasitism

April 21, 2018

Difficult Issues for Communal Administrators Governments act with vast suspicion regarding Cryptocurrencies, as it is difficult to control, and could cause serious risk for the stability and peace of the society.

However holding on the overregulated national banking cartels that positions the rich and their descendants in a neverending cycle of wealth gain, while destroying the social basis of the labouring population that feeds those values is not a solution. Therefore a narrow line has to be walked between a damaging and a supporting Cryptocapitalism, to avoid a destructive NeoCommunist and Neofeudal Nightmare for the Society and its negative side effects like the loss of total creativity, or complete demoralisation of the labouring population.


Many CryptoCurrencies just empty tech based payment Systems

However many Cryptocurrencies that are beeing created nowadays are indeed just empty payment systems, they often just call themselves payment systems like "cryptopay", are easy to create and recreate, just by those supposed money minters. They don't follow laws, missions, visions, or other goals for the people, and are not beeing used to achieve those, but plain and simply to enrich the founders itself, and provide a tool for the speculants and marketers, that they try to sell for good work. the Cryptoindustry System however promotes itself towards that, as it tries to keep the image of "values" in encrypted information, not being aware of the ultimate risk that could break their own backbone with their behavior that is: loss of economic substance powering the security and wealth they live in.


Access to Consumption Capacities for Labourers and Businesses is Main Risk

And so the Industry threathens the Security of Production Chains that need a reliable access to Consumption Capacities.


In General it can be said that, all Cryptocurrencies refering themselves as "pay" or "payment" are part of the same group of empty payment systems, those can ultimately only gain if they are technologically good or marketed well.

As an opposition to those "payment systems" there are token that are related to a mission they are used for, like "fishcoin" there the question starts how efficiently is that token beeing used, and administered.

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