Market Overview: there are roughly 23.000(update 26.000 +6/day) Cryptocurrencies in Existence.

April 20, 2018


There are Roughly 23.000 Cryptocurrencies in Existance,


this number can be roughly estimated by multiplying, altcoin Announcements, with a security factor of 0.8


this would be 28200*0.8 = 22560 

Coinmarket Cap lists of those just 1500 ones keeping 21000 Cryptocurrencies out of the market reach.


for the World Bank this is interesting information as it shows, the amount of potentially interested new capitalists that would need eased access to a bankin license, which currently is beeing restricted enourmously, by the respective countries ruling elites, have many advantages privatly to hav access to as many labourers as possible to be forced to work their for their private assets, instead of sustainably developing their own lives.


A humanity related unified and standardises currency would have to include many of those new capitalists to avoid social confrontation, and hostilities against the world bank.


Update 06.06.2018 we have now observes 32.000 topics therefore there are around 25.600 so roughly 26.000 cryptocurrencies unofficially out there. this is an increase by 3000 within 47 days. with 6 new cryptocurrencies commung out per day.


Unspoken Taboo Broken


the explosionary surge in amount of cryptocurrencies lies, in the breaking of an unspoken taboo through the bitcoin developers.

vast amount of the worlds population where trapped as a form of money earning cattle for the property owning elites that had access to the central banks printing press. maný of those now good enough how low value it is to sell individual time for money instead of investing it and live of others selling it to you.

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