Bitcoin just a temporary "Ram Coin" against the Banking Cartels

April 10, 2018


Before Bitcoin, the central Banks ruled the World, especially the developed World, Bitcoins sudden appearance on the World financial stage was initially celebrated worldwide, as a huge relif of the unshakable reign by the "licensed" central banks.

Bitcoin, anonymously designed by its community that feared police investigation. was at the beginning treated as an "annoyance" by the banking cartel, the high speculative price of bitcoin rose up to 22.500 USD till it started to drop. Bitcoins rally left neverthelles an obvious legacy of a new crypto mining industry, and an ICO industry that has high aspirations for their individual founders.


But Bitcoin in the end might prove to be dropped as a tool again or as a once used "ram coin", as it was that for many that had different and bigger plans with Cryptocurrencies. With the nimbus loss of the central banks a new generation of Capitalists is now emerging Worldwide that gives the jobless youth new meaning in their life, earning so called Bounties in Countless Bounty Offerings finding sudden demand in an economy that the Banking Cartel Considered to be satisfied.


Bitcoin Rammed down the Banks and left among the already mentioned Crypto Mining Industry, Exchange Industry and the relating Media System, also around 1500 other token that were in most cases issued with a so called ICO (Initial coin offering).

Bitcoin was a useful tool for them perfect to ramm down an obstacle to realise the way they think kapitalism should be like. Observing the emergence of Countless Bounty Hunter Websites where Bounty Hunters sell their work to grow their Cryptoportfolio with all those diverse Coins out there.


But Bitcoin that had its beginning a monopoly of a cryptocurrency that seeks attention now a completely different situation now there are thausands of icos that have coins seeking attention and bitcoin beeing a competitior for them. 


But what makes Bitcoin having possibly difficulties to compete in the future Cryptocapitalism, is Bitcoins design that was although perfect in the banker reigned world. now quite unpleasent with lots of space to be attacked. as a Cryptocurrency that wastes more energy than middle sized developed countries we can expect bitcoin having his issues competing. And Bitcoins Competitiors will for sure use their chance to attack it.

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