C-PRO Lifehack, Rewarding Workers/Assistants/Employees with Difficult to Evaluate and Volatille Cryptocurrency Portfolio

March 4, 2018

 The US Dollar is Losing its Rank as Lead Currency, Cryptocurrencies are Difficult to Evaluate what to do as a Businessmen?


The US Dollar will lose his role as the Worls Lead Currency and will be replaced with numerous CryptoCurrencies. This Creates Huge Opportunities for the Economy, because the unending Centering of the Economy on the Central Banks Cartells that Define the Societies will Finally Disappear. Businesses will have a Stable Demand they can then rely on However The Evaluation of the Earnings In CryptoCurrencies will prove to be Difficult, and Current Contracts in fixed in National Currencies will only Cause Problems.


The Solution: Percentual rewards of the Workers, in relation to the CryptoCurrencies that have been earned. Just Think in Percentages instead of the Coins Itself.


This will solve a Lot of Problems for Businessmen.


1. The Demand for their Work will Skyrocket and be Stable, their Business becomes visible Reliable Entities, Competible no matter how they are Technologically Equipped. Growth therefore if desired, can be Realised, However there is no Control for fake growth, if business are dishonest. CryptoCurrencies could be Created to drain off the Economies labour for wasting goals, like observed after the October Revolution where bread for Humans was available for Free, and people started to Wasting it.


2. Contracts, have to be signed in percentual rewards, of the earned Amounts be it Traded goods, Materials or Currencies, instead of total National Currency.


This will automatically bound the Employees Mind to the Total Success of the Business, and Create a Family like Atmosphere within the Business/Company Itself.


3. Cryptocurrencies can end up being like Popcorn, if Cryptocurrency projects succeed they may distribute achieved rewards among their Token holders, free to take, the Market will respond. Working with Mixtures and rewarding with percentual Ownership will solve Issues of Businesses.


This will also create a new profession of Evaluation Experts around CryptoCurrencies.


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