The Crazy Financial Prison: Neo-Communism, Neo-Feudalism, Homosexuals, Racism, Islamophobia, Centrism, Burocracy, Mismanagment, Abuse, Police Terror, Loss of Economic Diversity and substance Is Germanies, post World War II Financial System on the global frontline on loss of Support?

February 28, 2018

Investment Punks the new face of Germanies elite?


The United Nations always spoke good about post war Germany, it took so many War Refugees, from Africa, Middle East, and former Jugoslavia. Even recently the Lybia and Syria war flooded millions of new refugees into Germany. Germany Manages this since the entire period after the second world war. Whenever the Middle east or Africa is in a Crisis we can expect Germany to help solve it, with its own substance, and with its ressources.


How did Germany manage to prevent its population to grow? despite large Scale Influx, of Immigrants? It is Today commonly estimated that more than 33% of "Germanies" population has an Immigrant background. Increasingly even from outside of the European Union. In the meantime Germanies Financial System, regulated by a broken regulatory authority called BaFin has to bear the responsibility to ensure efficient realisation of the social fabric that the diverse population seeks to aspire.


However its not working, Since the Bafin has in the past supported systematically the abuse of Germanies financial Prision by rich foreign corporations and Individuals that were able to pay the absurd corrupt license fees it demands and finance the walkthrough through the high burocratic hurdles the Bafin demands to be fullfilled. But not out of Corruption itself, that would mean at least someone in Germany could profit from Germanies financial absurdity, no, the high fees are charged for the high burocracy that the German population desires on their Financial System, with the effect that rich foreigners able to fund the bafins burocratic hurdles become their new rulers and masters.


Communal Population forced to systematically pay extremely high price.


The social, economic and cultural costs for this regulation, for the communal population are astronomical their highest reputated Institute "Deutsche Bank" is under total ownership of foreign Investors, that are now have layed their hands on Germanies Financial System. The Name Cerberus, (meaning Hellhound) is one of those Investors Corporate Brand, this should already be for believing germans Christians, Jews and Muslims an Omen on the Situation of Germanies Financial System. Though Immigrants & Students are pushed into a perfectionist economy, in which economic success is highly interconnected with a highly difficult Market. Additional Issues are Central Banks Lending money to each other unable and unwilling and unmotivated to give out Loans, Now the Top Head of the European Central Bank Mario Draggi must publicly use his Hippo Whip in Order to continue the Legitimiacy, and Functionality of the European Single Currency Union, and Ensure the Economy Continues to Run, Including young Enterpreneurs that have more profitable Founding aspirations, outside of a lifestyle of selling their time. In the meantime the Communal Central Banks are being abused by individuals for private enrichment. Priviliged Demographics of the Population systematically abuse the financial Imprisionment of the Population through the Bafin for the privatisation of Income Sources (Real Estate, Companies) while the uninvolved part of the Population including the Increasing part of immigrants are supposed to sell their Time for those "Investment Punks" how they Call themselves in the Media. Teaching Others how to abuse the Central Banks for communist style private enrichment. 


Teaches in his Youtube Channel how to abuse germanies financial Prison for private enrichment at expense of others, (Alexander Duesseldorf Fischer)


(Article to be continued and further Developed)


Spineless Homosexuals dominating the Financial System and Defining Social Rules, influencing Mass media, spreading Gay Propaganda. Provoking Tensions and War with Neotheocratic Russia.


After the second World war the older Generation tried to Create the perfectly Just Society, with a Financial System that was supposed to give Power, Wealth, and Fame to those they defined Worthy. To Overwatch that Financial System they needed a Guarding Workforce that didnt aspired for Personal Power and Might, because Inteligent, Competing and for Survival Struggeling Individuals always do that. For Humanist reasons they had not the Choice of the installation of an eunuch run burocracy, and so they had but no choice, to hire the most noncompeting demographic of the population: Homosexuals & Transgenders.


This Demographic obtained by Now Large Scale Influence over Germanies Culture and Media, and their Rise to Power was observable by everyone that lived in Germany or other Nontheistic Worldly oriented States/Societies.







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