Beyond Prices, Coins of Styles Prediction on Future of Cryptoeconomics

January 29, 2018


Central Banks have become a large Painful Scale Scam that Echoes us now all in a Big and Painful Post Communist Echo.


The Nation State that has been Created after the French Revolution as a Model that wanted to create an Utopian Society of Stability, Peace and Prosperity for all, became a Financial Cartel a Financial Prison and a large Scale Scam itself, that damages, and threathens the Creative and Productive Social Fabric of the Societies it is imposed on. A small Elite uses their Access to the Central Bank in order to privatise themselves Income Sources, while having the State, jurisdiction protecting them and their property and imprisioning/abusing the masses. That live in a neverending insecurity in which they are forced to sell their time.


this State model worked better somehow in the west but worked much worse outside of the west, like Zimbabwe where the economy and history simply didnt provided the fertile ground for a prosperoous growth. State Currencies therefore where always weak there, and the elites in the Developing world were neverendingly desperate for Productivity related Goods from the Developed world, so they can feed and Supply their Growing population, preventing new unrest.


Whats Going to happen next in the Cryptoworld?


Great Opportunities await us all, but also new risks,


an economy where prices become much less signifianct, and purpose and Determination much more. Bitcoin At the Moment is the Lead Currency with a high price, but all those Bitcoin Fixed Marketing miss the reality that in many of the worlds factories qualified employees are missing. To Secure the Supply, the Salaries will drastically grow, the Industrial Corporate Elite will continue to use their good relations into the financial Sector to more print money and increase Salaries, keeping their workers motivated but this new Style Communism, isnt going to work, it has no Soul, it has no hope, it has no vision its, just a you sell me your time so you can work here at the place i own. But what gets much worse for the nations economies is the Systematic process of thinking of the old inhabited enterpreneurial elite that, just seeks to obtain property over as many income Sources as possible that are protected by state legislation.


Prices will grow so much that we will likely See an Italian Lire style usage of the euro or the US dollar. Money becomes Insignificant for Accounting and it becomes socially attached, the food store X will accept certain Curencies for political reasons and others not, a Filtration of Currencies according to Social affiliation will be used by people, so they know what currencies are valuable for them and which not.


Cryptoeconomics will have to adapt into this new reality, and develop style and affiliation related evaluation methods.

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