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We have created this page in order to have a short introductory registration link ( so people can check in quickly basic data about the CPRO ValueSources Engineering Foundation.






The CPRO Value Sources Engineering Foundation serves the purpose of developing and improving of mainly urban and semi urban value sources, we are not seeking to fix ourselves on certain types of value sources but seek to be flexible and adaptable so we are different for example from consumption capacity providing valuesources engineering societies or "ICOs" like for example pure real estate token.

We are also trying to create and establish the so called "2D Cryptosources Standard" to achieve an interlinkage of propertyrights and token holdership for all contributors that supported the development and upkeep of ValueSources to create our 2D (Sources) CryptoCurrency.

Two Logo Designs (CPRO SOURCE):

C-PRO has two logo designs, a metalic one more for ceremonial purposes, and a plain simplified one more for practical purposes. Both are acceptable when refering to C-PRO





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