Post-Merge NFTs 💚 – by William M. Peaster

Post-Merge NFTs 💚 – by William M. Peaster
Post-Merge NFTs 💚 – by William M. Peaster

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Dear Bankless Nation,

The vast majority of NFT activity takes place on Ethereum.

And with the merger lowering Ethereum’s energy usage by over 99% this week, NFTs have gone green accordingly!

Due to inertia, it will still take some time to fend off the “NFTs are terrible for the environment” crowd. But there is no doubt that the public image of NFTs will improve because of this major development, and that is worth celebrating.

In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading ✌️


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  • Capsulesa font project in the chain, launched.

  • Open sea adds support for multiple blockchains and worked with industry partners to introduce OpenRarityan open rarity standard for NFTs.

  • Starbucks tapped Polygon for its NFT reward program.

  • swapkiwian NFT exchange platform, rolled out its redesign.

  • The Museum of Modern Art investigating the purchase of its first NFTs.

  • Tyler Hobbs is launched QQLa generative collaborative project, next week.

  • A rare Pepe Nakamoto card resold for 90 ETH.

  • Arpeggio rolled out Clipwhich allows creators to upload their own audio files to the platform.

  • Jonathan Mann released The Merge Album.

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