Joining C-Pro







Joining C-Pro

With our work, we are developing C-pro to fruition and make its generative High-Quality Features
Accessible and usable by Huge amounts of people. For this, we can use different talents and
offer them an opportunity to develop themselves with us.

We currently have available Tasks for:

  •  Web developers

  •  Online Community Managment

    • Twitter​

    • Telegramm

    • Facebook

    • Linkedin

    • Youtube

  • Cryptoeconomics related Bloggers

  •  Online Marketing Management

  •  Artists Animators and Presenters (Photoshop & Others)

  •  Blockchain & Cryptography specialists & Developers (Phyton)

  • Communication Content Creators

We work globally distributed via online Communication, and are therefore not bound to a location,
Working and Contributing for C-pro is possible from anywhere, at any time.

Mail your application to us via


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