Euro Tether







In its current establishment phase C-PRO is designed as a € tethered token, meaning that the C-PRO token can at anytime be redeemed on the Waves dex to obtain its backing reserve in Euro.

We have decided to do it this way, in order to achieve a better useability, accountability, and adaptability in the marketsphere.

For Investors this is a particularily good reason to invest as there is 0 risk and the entire value gain from  C-PRO Foundation's establishment in the world economy are the potential profit opportunity for our investors, and they can at any time drop out.

If you have questions regarding our, € - Tethereing and our security measures visit us in our telegram channel

To redeem C-PRO for EURO (Selling C-PRO for reserved EURO) you have to go 

to the C-PRO/EURO Waves DEX Trading Pair and sell there your C-PRO Token for reserved EUROs.


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