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Cryptoproductivity is a value sources related and systematically value sources based Cryptocurrency the goal of the Cryptoproductivity or short (C-PRO) is to achieve the development of value sources in communal environments where the development of value sources is systematically surpressed by cartels, burocrats, lobbyists, banking cartels or others.

Cryptoproductivity is also designed as a Value Sources related alternative to be generative and not wastefully impoverishing the collective like many current popular Cryptocurrencies are (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash)

Project Features are:

  • long-term security from de facto centralisation via mining pools

  • Systematic Infrastructure friendly and supportive

  • Sustainable

  • Not a Competitive waste of electricity

  • No Splits (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold....Bitcoin Platinum....etc.)

  • 2D Cryptocurrency Design & Culture (Sources instead of Coins)


The design has a secure robust Value basis and can provide long-term security especially from decentral corruption like visible today on bitcoin and its oligarchic fraternizing mining pools that defacto create a new centre and making bitcoin with its splits into a Fiat Currency. We have designed C-pro’s foundation so that it is not affected by a constant cycle of splits (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold), sale of premine and overshadowing of older token with the market activity of newer ones. Furthermore C-pro has been designed to have the capability to renew its IT encryption System whenever corruption makes it necessary.

Current systematic Information inefficiency

Current Cryptocurrencies have massive weaknesses and mistakes that their founders, Issuers and even current holders don’t explain, or keep down for economic interests, or simply aren’t aware of and don’t want to be, because they don’t understand them or simply can’t solve them.


What are these weaknesses?

There are Fundamental mistakes and sustainability deficits:

  1. Systematic Infrastructure Burden & unnecessary waste of Ressources

  2. Most ICO just gather funds but dont know how to deliver a working Product

  3. The Product is not able to rach the Size of of the Market Capitalisation of the issued Token (Bubble)

  4. De facto casino-style gambling about value changes

  5. Secret unaware centralization by fraternized oligarchic mining pools, and “splits”.

  6. Bad Incentive System for Economic Diversity and participation

  7. Aging technologic basis that is not just vulnerable to corruption over time, but actually is being abused.


The first is the aging technologically outdating IT-blockchain system (for example Bitcoin), that has had some Value Information market success but now is under technological propagandisticsiege through competitors (Bitcoincash) or by huge oligarchic mining pools that threaten their information security. Divide it, while at the same time cause negative The fundamental problem here is, that bitcoin is not able to protect itself from those huge oligarchic mining pools or fundamentally update its IT system. The second is the reality of the empty unbacked premined IT system that sometimes have or had a huge marketing budget through a hidden background. These “Coins” are destined to outdated and collapse because after the total sale of their premine the founder or developer teams will have no economic interest or ability on working, marketing or developing their “Cryptocurrencies”. Those will be abandoned by their initial developers sooner or later. Then the remaining owners will have to preserve the value of the token, but their continual long-term success will be very unlikely, they will rather end up like a huge horde of scammed zombies owning just worthless empty mickey-mouse money.

How is C-pro better?

We have designed C-pro for the strategic long term, being capable with the possible problems current cryptocurrencies hide. First is C-pro’s IT-blockchain System and IT Security. We are going to build C-pro Independent and free regarding its blockchain dependence. C-pro is and will change its IT blockchain system whenever technological aging or 51% attack threat via huge oligarchic mining pools, that have adapted and specialized over time give us significant reason to do so. C-Pro “x” will then be replaced on exchanges 1:1 with (x+1) this way C-pro is capable to update its own IT infrastructure.

We think this is a significant ability that a long-term successful cryptocurrency needs to have to restore trust that gets damaged with time through specialized growing oligarchic mining pools like currently on bitcoin and similar, or through an outdated aging tech source-code. You don’t have to fear with C-pro technological aging of the cryptocurrency that you use. C-pro renews its techbase.


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