We currently recommend the usage of the Waves plattforms C-PRO is mainly based on the Waves Plattform, which charges 0.001 Waves for each Transaction, Making The Cost of 1000 Transactions basically the current Waves Price on Crypto-Exchanges. That is:

The Waves Plattform is Efficient, Cheap, and Easy to Use Compared with Other Blockchain Encription Plattforms.

Information about Transaction Costs and Encription Plattforms







1'000 Transactions cost:

Waves Plattform







Ethereum Plattform







The Ethereum Plattform is older than the waves plattform, it has currently a bigger Community, is however vastly impacted in its supply by speculations and the holding back of gas token.

the Transaction Costs for Ethereum based C-pro Token can be viewed in on the


ETH Gas Station

Neo Plattform














We also offer Neo Plattform based token

The Neo plattform currently doesnt charge any Transaction Costs, its head is however based in mainland China and is therefore considered to be  threathened  maintain its service and keep its neutrality by Communist and regionalist Forces that have a high urban interdependency.


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