2D High Quality Standard for Cryptographic Currencies








The 2D High Quality Standard for Cryptographic Currencies is difficult to reach. We describe hereby publicly some aspects of it through rules or standards that all two dimensional Cryptographic Currencies will have to fulfil. In Short: the 2D standards marks Cryptocurrencies that must be professionally enhanced and designed to embody two dimensional value generating socioeconomic sources, coins or cash (1D) are not possible outcomes in this equation. Furthermore the 2D standard secures that the token is beneficial for value generating Infrastructure which is a distinguishing goal to current Cryptocurrencies that tend to Centre electricity production on themselves. The Terms Sources, Entities Two-Dimensional Cryptographic Currencies and Crypto-sources can be used as synonyms.




Rule Nr.1

“Two Dimensional Cryptographic Currencies are as their name suggests Two Dimensional they depict socioeconomic value generating sources and cannot therefore be depicted or described as Coins or Cash, the scientifically correct depictions and descriptions of Two Dimensional Cryptographic Currencies are “Sources” or “Entities””

Rule Nr.2

“Two Dimensional Cryptographic Currencies do not have Instant Coin Offerings (ICOs) they have Instant Sources Offerings (ISOs)”

Rule Nr.3

“All Two Dimensional Cryptographic Currencies are dual-layered, an IT encryption alone is not enough for the classification Two Dimensional”

Rule Nr.4

“An organization that controls a Two Dimensional Cryptographic Currency, may use copy, apply or imitate any IT encryption System they currently see fit for their purpose, they may update, upgrade and exchange it if necessary to ensure the currencies future security, to prevent and fight IT-System Corruption”

Rule Nr.5

“Two Dimensional Cryptographic Currencies have to be continuously professionally and scientifically correct created managed and upheld”

Rule Nr.6

“Crypto-sources are systematically designed to be beneficial to the world’s productive infrastructure not burdening to like many current cryptocurrencies”

Rule Nr.7

“Twodimensionals are in general geographically borderless active, but can have for strategic and operative reasons borders and specializations”

Rule Nr.8

“Two Dimensional Cryptographic Value Carriers are Redeemable for Alien Liquidity or for the Sources that are powering it.”

Rule Nr. 9

“The Issuers of Crypto-sources are also subject to reasonable human rights respecting jurisdiction, this however cannot be the case, if the jurisdiction is systematic under continuous hostile influence and corruption of communal Forces”

Rule Nr. 10

“Three Dimensional Cryptographic Currencies or Value Carriers (acceleration of value generation) cannot socioeconomically be realized and can therefore only exist as theoretical mathematical models”


We will further develop and adapt these Rules to fit into the world’s changing and unpredictable environment. However our goal of creating and enforcing an Infrastructure beneficial row of Cryptocurrencies stays constant.

Rule Nr. 11

“CryptoSources or Socio-Economic-Sources are being created not by Banks, but by Engineering Foundations during their work to edit/adapt the Socio-Economic-Generativity of their Environment"

Rule Nr. 12

“Accounting Standart follows the organic Calorie Standard meaning 10200 plain organic Calories being worth 1 Entity" making the providing of organic calories a save incomesource to obtain socio-economic-sources"


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